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Музыка из западных BMX-видео

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Intro: Muse - Ruled by secrecy
Davey Watson: America - A horse with no name
Bruce Crisman: Stevie Wonder - Yesterme,yesteryou,yesterday
Friends section: The familyJewelers - Grave Mistake
Seth Kimbrough: Mewhithoutyou - January 1979
Mike Hoder: Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice baby
Credits: Big Mama Thornton - Hound dog

Tom White: Cam'ron - Get em girl
Jared Washington: Hieroglyphics - Batting practice
Lino Gonzales: Mazzy Star - Be my angel
Blackman/Nigel/Osso/Belcher: Artifacts - The Interview
Random: Strenght of Will - When the limelight's gone
The January Taxi - Ashtray Parade ( Seven Loves Simone )
Same Day Service
Tyrone Williams?
George Dosantos: Sugar - Changes
256: Atmosphere - Get fly
Bob Scerbo: Atmosphere - Travel remix
Butcher: MF Doom - Saliva
Steven Hamilton: Nice ol fleshy beavers set
Wormz: Neil Young - Don't cry
Vinnie Sammon: Gang Starr- Next Time
Edwin Delarosa: Bill Withers - Aint no sunshine
Papoose - Take it to the guns

Vinnie Salmon: Big L - Ebonics
Lino Gonzalez/Jared Washington - Del the Funky Homosapien - Jaw Gymnastics
George Dossantos: Ray Barbee - lets preserve
1st Friends Section: Dinosaur Jr. - On The Way
Tyrone Williams: Lloyd Banks - Fallback
Butcher: Tame 1 - Song #4
Steven Hamilton: Violent Femmes - Out the Window
2nd Friends Section: Rolling Stones - Memo From Turner
Bob Scerbo: Blondie - Hangin On The Telephone
Edwin Delarosa: 50 cent - what up gangsta
Corey martinez: Eric Clapton - layla

Intro: Ocean Colour Scene - Hundred mile high city
Trails 1: Alan bohl project - All along the watchtower
Knowlhill: The Who - Rory is gay
Park section: Le tigre - Decepticon
Andover vs Salisbury: Dangermouse + Jemini - Don't do drugs
Jams: Wanda Davis - Save Me
Trails 2: Placebo - Every you and every me
Credits: Hopeton Lewis - Express Yourself

Intro: Mos Def - Brooklyn
Will Taubin: Smif N' Wessun - Bucktown
Paul Kitner: Busta Rhymes - Fire
Timmy Strelecki: EPMD - It's My Thing
Glenn P.P. Milligan: Mos Def (feat Talib Kweli) - Know That
Keith Terra: Superchunk - Precision Auto
Danny Boy: Big L - Size Em Up
Mix #1: Cypress Hill - Another Victory
Wormz/Tyrone: Rise and Shine - ???
Base UK: Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys - Just A Test
Mark Choquette: Motorhead - Bomber
Mix #2: NGB Clan - Protect Ya Neck
Superfly: Glassjaw - Ry Ry's Song
Keith Mulligna: Run-DMC - Peter Piper
Rich Andreu: Nas - Come Get Me
George Dossantos: Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome
Ralph Sinisi: De la Soul - 3 is the magic number
Luc-E: Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
Butcher: Talib Kwali & Hi Tek - Move Something

Justin Inman : Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Paul Kitner: Iggy Pop and The Stooges - I got a right
Mixed 1: Motley Crue - Take Me To The Top
Adam Perez: King Diamond - Sleepless nights
Jeff Landtiser: Michael Jackson - Beat It
Mixed 2: Flock Of Seagulls - And I Ran
Darin Read: Rush - 2112 [OR Overture - The Temples of Syrinx]
Crashes: The stranglers - Golden brown
Credits: Atmosphere - Nothing Less

Rooftop: Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
Friends: Archers Of Loaf - Backwash
Nate Wessel: Slayer - Post Mortem
Jason Enns: Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
Warehouse: Dramarama - Anything, Anything
Kris Bennett: Jimy Eat World - Get It Faster
Brian Castillo - Aerosmith - Dream on
Credits: Creeper Lagoon - Chance Of A Lifetime
Embrace (cover) - Can't Forgive
Markus Wilke: Hood - I Can't Find My Brittle Youth
NYC friends mix: The Jam - In the City
Butcher: The Roots - ???
Vic Ayala: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Grimaldo Duran: Four Walls Falling -???

Intro: Prefuse 73 - Storm Returns
Danny Hickerson: Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Random: Aesop Rock - I'll Be Ok (ft. Slug)
Chase Hawk: The Damned - Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2)
Finlay & Moody: Radiohead - Myxomatosis
Neil Harrington: Mike Tyson's Punchout (music & sfx)
Wreck Section: Pelican City - Sesame Street
Aaron Ross: Alabama - If You're Gonna Play In Texas
Credits: New Order - Regret

Aaron Ross: Rick Ross - Everyday I'm Hustlin
chase hawk: Black Sabbath-bloody sabbath bloody

- corA
Intro: Mogwai - Sine Wave
Mike Escamilla: The Adolescents - Kids of the Black Hole
Jason Enns: The Fucking Champs - Lee Tom
Sandy Carson: Redneck Manifesto - I Don't Speak The Monkey Language
Terada/Byrnes/Delarosa: Polvo - Fractured (Like Chandeliers)
Josh Stricker: Naked Raygun - Suspects Device
Joe Rich: The Album Leaf - Vermillion
Nate Wessel: Obituary - Dying
Hanson/Griffin/Emery/Tag/Baker/Heaton: Killing Joke - Money Is Not Our God
Ian Morris: Guilt - Untitled #1
Dave Freimuth: Fu Manchu - Eatin' Dust
Taj Mihelich: Shellac - Doris
Ruben Alcantara: Built To Spill - Stab
Crashes: Trans Am - City In Flames
Credits: The Album Leaf - The MP

Misc Sections: Battles - TRAS
Misc Sections: Battles - IPT-2
Misc Sections: Battles - TRAS2

Intro: Slayer – Expendable Youth
Dave Mirra: Gang Starr – Moment of Truth
Third part: Blink 182 – Lemmings
Trails section: EPMD – Dungeon Master
Moto section: Another Society – Let Down
Sixth part: Eric B. and Rakim – Let the Rythm Hit ‘Em
Terrible One: Judas Priest – Night Crawler
Skateboard section: Shig and Buzz – Lost Train
Stack section: Method 51 – Marked
Ryan Nyquist: Wu Tang Clan – On the Strength
Last section/credits: Swingin’ Utters – The Next in Line

Intro: Megadeth – Holy Wars
Next part: Nas – Favor for a Favor
Third Part: Youth Brigade – Its Not Enough
Race section: Jar – Bill Foster
Fifth part: Big Pun – Glamour Life
Joe Rich: Bad Religion – Give You Nothing
Seventh part: Busta Rhymes – Fire It Up
Stack section: Snapcase – Zombie Prescription
Dave Mirra: DRI – Underneath the Surface
Tenth part: Cro-Mags – Death Camps
Eleventh part: Wayne Kramer – Realm of Pirate Kings
Last part/Credits: Buss - Needlenose

Intro: The Bloodhound Gang - Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny
Downset-test of my heart
I found it....krackerindasoup a.i.m
(ANYONE know Paul Osicka's song I cant find it)

Intro: The Lovin' Spoonfull - Summer in the City
Misc Section (after toilet bowl explodes): Integrity - Darkness
Misc Section: Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster
Misc Section (after Lou eats lightbulb): Motorhead - No Remorse
Misc Section: Clutch - Binge and Purge
Misc Section: The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb

Intro: DMX - Party Up
Motley Crue - Wild Side
Kelly Baker: Hank Williams Jr - a country boy can survive
Bob Scerbo: U.S Bombs - The World
Ryan Corrigan: Lucero - kiss the bottle
Derrick Girrard: bad religion - along the way
Fisher's little ghetto part: Blood for Blood - Goin' Down the Bar
George Dossantos: Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction
Ron Kimmler: Public Enemy - She Watch Channel Zero
Unknown: Blood for Blood - Goin' Down the Bar
Butcher: suicidal tendencies - subliminal
Vic Ayala: The Doors - People are strange
Mike Tag: Samhain - Mother of Mercy
steve crandell - Geto boys - My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
Jeremy Reiss: Screeching Weasel - My Right

Ch.1: Lungfish - Fil The Days
Ch.2: Weston - The Truth About rodney
Ch.3: (not in credits , its just a melody)
Ch.4: Jawbreaker - Seafoam Green
Ch.5: Japanther - Wolfenswan
Ch.6: Cro-mags - Show No Mercy
Ch.7: Peg boy - Strong Reaction
Ch.8: Le-force - Le Displaced Beast
Ch.9: Swingin Utters - Mommy Mommy
Ch.10/11: Lucero - All These Love Songs

Intro: Iglomat - Federal
Steven Hamilton: Clinic - Cement Mixer
Corey Martinez: Jesse Cook - Salsa de Noche
Max Vincent: Radio 4 - Start a Fire
Sandy Carson: Pitchfork - Burn fire burn
Corey martinez edit: Time in Matta - Against the tide
Dean Hearne: Iggy Pop and The Stooges - I got a right
bonus rider: The Hellacopters - Freespeedin'
The Detroit Cobras - Hey Sailor

Third song: Virtuoso ft Del - All We Know
The Hives - Knock Knock
The Hives - Inspection 1999
Emanuel - Breathe Underwater

Chase Hawk: The Sword - Iron swan
Van Homan: Patti Smith Group - Because the night
Robbie Morales/NY Mix: Rick Ross & Trina - I Gotta Gets Mine
Justin Inman: Supertramp - The Logical Song
Eddie Cleveland: Eazy-E feat. B.G Knockoutt & Dresta - Real Muthaphuckkin G's
Brian Foster: Neil Young - Old Man
Chase Dehart: M.I.A. & Diplo - Pop
Mike Aitken: David Bowie - Suffragette City
Edwin and Tom: Papoose - You made your choice
Credits: Andre Nickatina - Fourth of July

3 Amigos: The Sounds - We're not livin' in America
The Section after that: Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and peppermints
After That: Manu Chao - Me Gustas
Tour Islas Canarias: Gypsy Kings - Hotel California
SMX: Beastie Boys - In 3's
Slowmo part: Johann Strauss - El Bello Danubio Azul
Sergio In Skatepark: Pelican - NightEndDay

Intro: George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Jim Cielenski: Rick James - Give it to me baby
Chris Arriaga: Chambers brothers - time has come
Ian Munro: Michael Jackson - Beat it.
Dirty Dan: The Smiths - This Charming Man
Rob Tibbs: Oasis - Whats the Story (Morning Glory)
Danny Hickerson: Low Ton - The Balancing Act
Ryan Sher: Alkaline Trio - The Metro (Berlin Cover)

Intro: The Doors - Peace Frog
Credits: The Kinks - Lola
Ryan Sher: Guns 'n' Roses - My Michelle
Dirty Dan: Rolling Stones - Mothers little helper
Rob Tibbs: Pixies - Bone Machine
KC Badger: Iggy & The Stooges - Search and destroy
Ian Munro: Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Jim C: Cinderella - Gypsy Road

1 Part: John Vanderslice - Cool Purple Mist

Intro: Anti Hero's - Criminal Mischief
Jason Enns: Rolling Stones - Heartbreaker
Garrett Byrnes: TSOL - It's Grey
Kris Bennett: The Who - The Seeker
Marvin Loetterle: Black Flag - Nervous breakdown
Josh Stricker: Joan Jett - Bad reputation
Nate Hanson: Black Sabbath - Orchid
Pat Julif: Radiohead - The national anthem
Led Zepplin- Babe im gonna leave you
Matt Beringer: Kiss - I love it loud
Van Homan: Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a madman
Boite: The Beatles - Dear prudence
Generique: The Doors - Alabama song
Video after the video: Small Brown Bike - Unsung Zero

Intro: Motley Crue - In the Beginning
Garrett Byrnes: Cream - White Room
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
Van Homan: metallica - battery
Pat Julif: Wasp - Hellion
Marvin Loetterle: Motorhead - Ace of Spades
(crash section) The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza- Homicidal
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Intro: Pilot To gunner - The Product
Street: Nucleus - Watch your step
Mike Escamilla (rooftop): Bonnie tyler - Holding out For A hero
Stephen Lilly: The get up kids- Lion and The lamb
Crisman: Thunderbirds Are now - Enough About Me Now Let1s talk about Me
Will Love: The sounds - Fire
Sergio Layos: Pinback - Non Photo bleue
Blackman and Nigel: Freestyle - Carry on
Danny Hickerson: Pinback - B
Kurtis Elwell: Pistol Grip - Gypsy
Seth Kimbrough: Eels - Trouble with Dreams
Brian Kachinsky: The hold steady - Your little hood Rat Friend
Credits: The court and spark - Out on the Water

Eddie Cleavland: Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up
Max Gaertig : Rick James - Mary Jane
Matt Puorro : J.mascis & Fog - Ammering
Bob Scerbo: Souls of Mischief - Step to My Girl
Terry Adams : Emperor Penguin -Burnt Sienna And Avocado
Eman : ?
Credits : Three 6 Mafia : Poppin' My Collar
Ian Schwartz: Paperboy - Ditty

Intro : Bill Withers - Lovely Day (original version)
Skala Plaza : The Radio Dept - Ewan
Skatepark Part: The Arcade Fire - This Must Be The Place
Demo Day : Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City
Street 1: The Arcade Fire - Haiti
Street 2: The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
Credits : Master P - Burbons And Lacs
After Credits: Warren G - This D.J

intro: McEnroe - Asleep at the wheel
Ali Whitton: Grade - termite's hollow
Nick Halsey: Piebald - two rocking chairs on a porch
Dom Mach: Bad Religion - i want to conquer the world
World Team: Suicidal Tendencies - the feeling's back
John Heaton: Swollen Members - killing spree
Dave Freimuth: The Donnas - checkin it out
Ruben Alcantara: Elliott - miracle
Jay Miron: The Spitfires - alone / down on it
Credit's: Buck 65 - the bicyle song
Bail: 3 Inches Of Blood - ride darkhorse ride

Intro: T. Rex - Jewel
Derek Gabbert/Sean Burns: MC5 - Looking At You
Brad Josar: The Glasspack - Lil Birdie
Caleb Kilby: Rush - Tom Sawyer
Mike Lausman: Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Jimmy LeVan: The Darkness - Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Ryan Metro: Kiss - ??
End Credits: Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light

MIRRACO web series - part1:
Intro: Dj soft - seriously sweet
The kickass - so you want to have a led zeppelin riff battle?let's do it
Utah - G head
Upside - Lampfire vampires
Monochrome - Kontern
The cherry valence - Couldn't stop it
Dj soft - Hot rocks the pop
Figure and nacirema - Dead music
The cherry valence - sunglasses and headlights
Outro: Dj soft - Piano glue

DangerDoom - Benzie box

Archtechture in Helsinki - You can owe me
Timess - Over the Hills
Five Starsteps - Ohhh child

Intro: Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place
Dan Pors: Mystic - The Life
Neil Harrington: The Shins - New Slang
Walter Peiringer: Iron Maiden - Wasted years
Joe Simon: Motley Crue - Kickstart my heart
Flow: The Hives - Hate to Say I Told you So
Credits: Simon and Garfunkel: at the zoo
Credits: Sigur Ros: Svefn G Englar

Morgan Wade: suzanne vega - tom's diner
Danny Hickerson: Fleetwood mac - the chain
Blake Revels: Bone Thugs of Harmony ft AKON -i try
mike hernandez: led zepplin - celebration day

intro: the cramps - new kind of kick
dave young: slayer - raining blood
brian castillo: metallica - dyers eve
dave parrick: pink floyd - darkside of the moon
josh heino: bad brains - banned in d.c.
ralph sinisi: redman - time 4 some ak'tion
byron anderson: agnostic front - crucified
ken hale: black flag - six pack
jason enns/sean emery: motley crue - live wire
nate hanson: black sabbath - the wizard

Camp-ramps: Scandal - Goodbye to you
Dirt Session: Lilliput - Die matrosen

Intro: Composed specially by Adam Banton
Scott Foster: Cake - Arco arena
Adam Banton: Adam Banton
Friends Section: The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Mike Aitken: Pinback - Prog
Martti Kuoppa: Talib Kweli - Get by (Instrumental)
Gary Young: White stripes - Let's build home
Jimmy Levan: Le tigre - Let's Run
Rich Hirsch: The Spinanes - Kid in Candy
Jim C: Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf
Chase Gouin : Bonobo - Dinausaurs

Lee Hopkins: Murder By Death - The Desert is On Fire
Ryan Worcester: Modest Mouse - A Different City
Sean Burns: Iron Maiden - Be Quick Or Be Dead
Credits: Yeah Yeah Yeah - Y control
Bonus: Volcano: ??????????????????????

Intro: The Stooges - 1969
Utah: Devo - Freedom of Choice
Idaho: Pixies - The Holiday Song
The Who - My
Sweet Smoke - Baby Night
Washington: Black Sabbath - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
British Columbia: Failure - Pillowhead
Credits: Bob Marley - Trench Town Rock
Bonus: The Neptunes - Put 'em up

Ted: Johnny Thunders - Born to lose
Robbo: Dead boys - Sonic reducer

Intro - Benzito
FBM Ghetto Comp: The Thrid Frame - Chief
DJ Assult - Jefferson Ave.
Stephen Lilly Bio: Statistics - Another Day
Stephen Lilly Bio Alt. Ending: Ester Drang - Song for Johnathon
Coalition Roadtrip: Old Man Gloom - Sleeping With Snakes
Smoke and Smoke - Into the Smoke and Smoke
Brooklin Banks Jam: Jobu Feat. Lavs - Da Siege
Adam Baker Bio: Small Brown Bike - Shadow
Derby Backyard Jam: Aloha - Summer Away
Floor - Assassin
New Products: Owen - Who found Who's Hair?
Credits: Mates of State - Along for the Ride

Intro: Kerblocki - ITU
Chris Doyle: Clubhouse - South Gate In
Pedro the Lions - Big Trucks
Bats And Mice - Sliding Scale
The 65 Film Show - They're Not Killing Us
Chris Doyle ClosingKword - Skyliner
Alistair/Kimler: Expolsion In The Sky - With Tired Eyes
Alli With An I - Time Will Heal
The Ladderback - A Boy And His First Paper Airplane
Tom Daily - World Of Yawns
Alistair Whitton Closing: Rockbot - Breathe
Ron Kimler Closing Paris Texas - Cemetary City
Chad Degroot: Euphone - My Ladies Cant Remember The 80's
Sonna - Real Quiet
Chad Degroot Closing: Bats And Mice - Where's Ann Arbor
Nate Wessel: Serotonin - Eyes Reflecting Images
Ativin - Fortune Telling Fish
Lumen - V
Nate Wessel Closing:Engine Down - Castalia
Nate Wessel Ramp Building:Explosion In The Sky - Poor Man's Memory
Credits: Tom Daily - Reese Witherspoon

Intro: John Farnham - Break The Ice
Bicycle Boogie: Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Assliding: ??
Qualifiying Race & Credits: John Farnham - Thunder In Your Heart

Intro: Mekons - Teeth
Animal Roadtrip: Encore - City Livin'
Gary Young: Shabazz the Disciple - Red Hook Day
Corey Martinez: Spoken - I Won't Lie Down
Morgan Wade: The Epoxies - Stop Looking at Me
Jonah Lidberg: Now It's Overhead - Wait in a Line
Ryan Nyquist: Sparrow - One Eye Closed
Credits: The Plug Uglies - Miserable World

Allan Vest, Andy Nunez - Eves Of The Night
Sweatshop Union - Come Back
The Good Brothers ft. Ahmad - Give It Here
Nucleus - Bring It To ya Hot
The Enablers - High Outside
Justin Rice and Christian Rudder - Middle Management
Temper Temper 20045 - Heart Like A First
Temper Temper 20045 - Bleed For Me Comrade
Skillz - Take It Back
Adventures of Jet - Flaming Ghost

Intro/Mike Tag: Superchunk - Forged It
Chris Toth: Promise Ring - B is for Bethlehem
Ralph Sinisi: Hot Water Music - Just dont say you lost it
Josh Stricker: The Get Up Kids - Shorty
The Gonz: ??
Taj Mihelich: Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave

Intro: Thursday - Autobiography of a Nation
Dave Jacobs and More: Samiam - Sunshine
edwin delarosa: DJ Ani - glitch
1st mix: reach the sky - the truth so familiar
ryan sher: the terrors - lady killer
2nd mix: chapter11 - guard your life
2nd mix cont.: selby tigers - a robots perspective
mike ardelean: timbuktu - braveheart
3rd mix: AFI - porphyria
ratboy: DJ Ani feat. Grand Prix - let loose
4th mix: son of sam - in the hills
josh heino: sleep - dragonaut, sleep - the druid
credits: dr. onion skin - paris in the spring

Luke Marchant: Stranglers - 5 Minutes
Etnies Jam Song 1: The Cramps - Dopefiend Boogie,
Etnies Jam Song 2: Jonny Thunders - Born to loose
Unknown: Joan Jett - Cherry Bomb
DC trails only trip: siouxise and the banshees - spellbound
Kye and leo forte: The Fall - Dice Man
Scott Edgeworth: Hawkwind - Hurry On Sundown
Dc trails Part 2: Devo - Freedom of Choice
Ashley charles: The cramps-New kind of kick
Credits: Against Me - We Laugh At Danger
Misc Section: The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Unsure of section - Status Quo - Paper Plane
Seventies Warehouse: Venus Ray - Jet Plane
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Адрес: MSK
Сообщений: 1,691
Torch! отключил(а) отображение уровня репутации
Intro: Mysti - Spark
Ali Whitton: Rezin - Destroy The Calm
Hard Dad Road Trip Part 1: Primal Scream - Mediaction
Carlo Griggs: Ghostface Killa - Daytona 500
Random Part 1: Lopsided - At The Drive In
Hard Dad Road Trip Part 2: LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
Random Part 2: Thursday - Standing on the Edge of Summer
Hard Dad Road Trip Part 3: Fugazi - Floating Boy Demo
Wu-tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M
Jamie Bestwick: Jimmy Eat World - Just Watch the Fireworks
Loose Section: Quest For Rescue - Decisions
Fugazi - Guilford Fall Demo
Credits: The Ramones - Swallow My Pride

Into: Alternative TV - You Bastard
Will & John: Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam
Eddie Tounge section: The Beatnuts - Mayonnaise
??: Wire - Mr Suit
Haro Roadtrip Pt 1: The Fall - No Bulbs
Haro Roadtrip Pt 2: Magazine - Rhythm of Cruelty
2&8 roadtrip: Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
kye section (part 1&2): The Damned - Smash it up
Pete & Craig: Magazine - Shot By Both Sides
Backyard Jam Roundup 1: The Ramones - To Tough To Die
Backyard Jam Roundup 2: Wire - Sand In My Joints
Misc section: Psycho Mafia - The Fall
Rob Ridge: Bizzie Boyz - Droppin It
Louis & Paul: The Damned - Problem Child
Crashes: Prince Buster - Hard Man For Dead
Credits: Altertanive TV - Action Time Vision

RIDE UK (red bull freebie)- NO PROBLEMO:
All: Specially composed by DJ

Intro: Eric Carter - Jeff
Day 1: The Loved - Her Tiny Little Heart
Day 2: Superchunk - Pink Clouds
Day 3: 20 Minute Crash - Sunshine
Brother El - The Dark Room (After the Foreplay)
Day 4: Coach - Cream Soda Girl
Kids With Kites - Shipwreck Song
Euphone - Bad Ascending
Day 5: The Jealous Sound - Bitter Strings
Sarge - Detroit Star-Lite
Day 6: Theivery Corp. - Right Angles (Remix)
Day 7: Porter Hall - That November This Response
Bails: Shutdown - Now More Then Ever
Day 8: Ashley Stove - Dancing Music
Day 9: Seth Hoffman - School Song
Superchunk - 1000 Pounds
Day 10: The Sea And Cake - Showboat Angel
Credits: Jason Trachtenburg - Formula
Slide Show: Elliot Smith - Rose Parade

Alli with an I - mixed emotions
Recover - match like memory
Lumen - I
Seafood - Folk song crisis
The Manatees - Mendoza
Ranier Maria - Hell and high water
The Beat Boutique - Untitled
Jimmy eat world - What I would say to you now
Zero Theory - mysterious/beautiful
Jeff Watson - Morris Minor
Big Big Furnace - Katie's Envy
Nobody - Outbreak
Pedro the lion - A mind of her own
Kaito - So-So
Milemarker - Shrink to fit
Dan Bell - Hooked on Phonics
Strike Anywhere - Chalkline
Iffy - Double dutch

Wauvenfold - Jigad
The Dutchmen - Dice
Projektor - Reflection
Lucero - Tears dont matter much
The Jazz June - Uptown explosion
The scaries - Revolvers
Roy - They cut the cord
Ultimate fake book - Rotting on the vine
Pilot to gunner - Action items
Randy: If We Unite
Strike Anywhere - We amplify and blaze
Rocky votolato - Every red cent
Mortal treason - walk in the woods
Rise against - my life inside your heart
The jealous sound - Naive
American Analog Set - hard to find

Intro: Rumbleseat - Saturn in crosshairs
Day 1: Pilot to gunner - Hey carrier
Day 2: Descendents - Dry spell
Day 3: Jawbreaker - Sluttering
Day 4: Serotonin - Error correction
Day 5: No river city - Fainter on my tongue
Day 6: Limbeck - Silver things
Day 7: DJ iglu - Journey
Metric - Combat baby
!!! - Me and giuliani down by the school yard
Day 8: Threats - Bitch
Nina Nastasia - Underground
Day 9: A room with a view - You say
Credits: Vicious vicious - Shake that ass on the dance floor
Helicopter helicopter - Pine trees on fire

Intro: AMFM - - every start
Day 1: Snapcase - coagulate
Blood red - city mouse
Day 2: Dj iglu - makin' it happen
Girls against boys - all the rage
The riverboat gamblers - hey!hey!hey!
Day 3: The firebird band - dangerous
Day 4: The atari star - always if only
Lucero - last night in town
The explosion - here i am
The Cutaway - Something New
Day 5: Giant haystacks - catatonic state
Braid - first day back
Day 6: The parkas - darling, the wolves
The loved ones - 100k
Day 7: The loved ones - drastic - candy cane
Strike anywhere - values here
Smoosh - it's cold
Day 8: The january taxi - the ashtray parade
Darker my love - 13 o'clock
Same day service - love song
Day 9: The explosion - mothers cry
Time promises power - martian highlands sweetheart
Day 10: Minus the bear - pachuca sunrise
Day 11: Strike anywhere - notes on pulling the sky down
Final ints & credits: Jonathan inc - unbroken silence

Intro: Sinewave - Todd's journey into temporal space
Day 1: Absolutly Perfect - kobalt Blew
Cityscapes - Jersy Princess
Day 2: The Subjects - Seems To Me
Jason Donnell - Persuasive Argument
Day 3: The Parkas - Hey Richie Man
Day 4: Boom Bap Project - Rock The Spot
Just a Fire - My baby is your baby too
Day 5: Home - Juicy Ass
Day 6: Snowden - Kill the Power
Fifth Hour Hero - How much is Revolution with Texas?
Day 7: Absolutly Perfect - Scooter
Day 8: Lucero - She's Just that kind of girl
Lifetime - Somewhere in the swamps of jersy
Portals - children of the tower
Day 9: Just will - Another Beat
Headlights - It isn't easy to live that well
Credits: Anterland - Not the next anything

Intro: The Snake Trap - Redheaded Manual Festival
Precious Fathers - Prairie Train
Greyscale - Now You Wonder
The Snake Trap - Four Sores & Seven Beers Ago Pt. 2
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - What To Do (x2)
Day 1: Hoots and Hellmouth - Home In A Boxcar
The Snake Trap - Hiroshi's eBay Bike
Axydlbaaxr - Sweet 666!
Day 2: This Bike is a Pipe Bomb - Mouseteeth
Of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
Day 3: Greyscale - Searching For Substance
Radon - Write Back Or Get Smacked
Day 4: This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Digging Ditches
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - This Is What I Want
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - R.O.D.A.D.
Day 5: Shana Kiel - Kismet
Day 6: Tigers & Monkeys - Kissing the Boys Goodbye
Greyscale - Now You Wonder
Prophet Omega - See
Day 7: The Snake Trap - Redheaded Manual Festival
Prophet Omega - A Thang
Credits: Adam Banton & Bruce Crisman - Folkey Blues
Axydlbaaxr - Sweet 666!

Ghostface - Run
Alchemist - The Main Event
De La Soul ft. Common - Itsoweezee
American Football - Never Meant
Gangstarr - What I'm Here 4
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Juelz Santana ft. Cam'ron - Kill 'em
Aloha - Weekend

Intro: Caribou - Bees
Jeremy/Andrew/Jordan: The Go! Team - Panther Dash
Taiwan: Anti-Flag - Mind The G.A.T.T.
Vancouver Island: Reggie And The Full Effect - Get Well Soon
BK! Mix: The Grouch - Neglected
BK! Mix #2: The Shins - Fighting In A Sack
Ty Z: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Over And Over Again
Ridgeway: Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun
Suicide Deer Trip: Led Zeppelin - Jamaica, Immigrant Song
Desson: Ted Leo And The Pharmacists - Counting Down The Hours
Aaron And Dave: Lorette Lynn - High On A Mountain Top
Aaron And Dave: Kids In The Hall
Skids And Wheelies: Stars - Ageless Beauty
Jordan And Andrew: Coolio - Gangsters' Paradise
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
King Missile - Sensitive Artist
Belle And Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying

Trailer: Dj Kyron- "Sahara"

Intro: The Nips - All the time in the world
Rob Darden: Cursive - Art is Hard
Bob Scerbo: Souls of Mischief - '93 Til Infinity
Josh Stricker: The Stitches - My Baby Hates Me
Adam Baker: Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away
Stricker taking it (intro): Bad Brains - Oshuassong
Amos Burke: The Partisans - Blind Ambition
Marvin Loetterle: GG Allin - Don't Talk To Me
Mix: Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
Vic Ayala: Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Wiz: Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
Matt Berringer: Agent Orange - Miserlou
Credits: The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet

Unsure of Section: The notorious B.I.G - Going Back To Cali
Unsure of Section: The Kids of Widney High - Cowboy Brown

Alan Foster: Jackson 5 - ABC
Joey Garcia: Tool - Opiate

Intro: Despistado - Hi/Fi Stereo
Statistics - 10/22
Dave Mirra: Parmalee - Under my skin
Matt Beringer: Lowe frequency of the stereo - Astro Kopp
Ryan Guettler: Darker my love - 13 o'clock
Mike Aitken:Lucero - Anjalee
Scotty Cranmer: Statistics - Final Broadcast
Josh Harrington: Pinback - AFK
Credits: Ester Drang - Caledonia
DVD extra section music: Milemarker - The banner to the sick

Intro: Amon Tobin - Ruthless (Reprise)
Joe Simon: Hot Hot Heat: Touch you Touch you
Ryan Sher: The Faint - Worked up so sexual
Flow 1: Sixtoo - Duration part eleven
Flow 1 Part 2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y control
Byron Anderson: Ramones - Somebody put something in my drink
Flow 2: Dark Side productions - Alchol(corA:if someone have this song please send me: kor33@inbox.lv)
John Jennings: Big L - Platinum Plus
Allistair Whitton:At the drive-in - Enfilade
Credits: Amon Tobin - El Cargo

Into: Pixies - Where is my Mind
La Revolution: Sound of Reverse - Stare at the Sun
Random 1: Earth Crisis - Paint it Black
Brad and Biggins: Hat Water Music - Paper Thin
Minor Threat - Lookback
Random 2: AFI - Fall Children
Roots: At the Drive-In - Initiation
Modest Mouse - Tiny Cities made of Ashes
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Mark David Chapman

North Carolina scene report: Codeseven - Lights
Blankface - ???
Alli With An I - 50 50
I-95 Roadtrip: Afu Ra - Defeat
Random 1: The Dust Brothers - Finding the Bomb
Vinnie Sammon: Radiohead - Paranoid Android
La Revolution: Avail - Over the James
Dillinger Four - The Great American Going Out of Business Sale
Credits: Fugazi - I'm so Tired

Intro: Crystal Method - Matrix Theme
New Youk City mix: Herbaliser - Shattered Soul
Contest Mix: Grandaddy - So You'll Aim Toward the Sky
Roots 2002: Kid Loco - Horsetown in Vain
La Revolution: Good Riddance - Salt
Dillinger Four - WreckThePlaceFantastic
Random: Moby - Go
Ratboy: Benefit - Proceed with Caution
Credits: Aesop Rock - No Regrets

Ross Tanner: The Libertines - What A Waster
Billy Ashby: Ying-Yang Twins - Salt Shaker

Call-Quatro: Vast Aire, Timbo - Slow Blues
John Ludwick: 001 Ensemble - Streetlife
Random Headz: Common - The Sixth Sense
Tate Roskelly: Fattin June - track 1
Brett Walker: Wolfmother - Where have the eagles been
Mike Brennan: Animal Crackers - Theree course pork
Outro: Lyrics Born & Krs-One - Pack up (remix)

SHOOK - It's on:
Erlend Oye - The Black Keys Work
Ying Yang Twins - Boom. It's On
Broken Social Scene - Windsurfing Nation
Frou Frou - Must Be Dreaming
Jacknife Lee - 1970s Dictator Chic
Rinocerose - Metal Mental Dub
Hard- Fi - Cash Maschine
The Black Keys - Busted
Rinocerose - Le Rock Summer
CasOne - Blood On The Playground
Big Boi Presents - Krypotonite
Chamillionaire & Krazy Bone - Ridin'
Erlend Oye - The Black Keys Work
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Torch! отключил(а) отображение уровня репутации
Steveo, Jackson + other guys part: Gorillaz ft. Roots Manuva - All Alone
Justin Simpson: Ratt - Nobody Rides For Free
Mike Hoder/Davey Watson: The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart
Random: The Flaming Lips - Race For The Prize

Ian Schwarz: Cage - Holdin a Jar 2
Day 2: Of Montreal - So Begins Our Alabee
Steve Dubusk: Spoon - Take a Walk
German Mix: Bloc Party - She's Hearing Voices
Pegleg: Stars - He Lied About Death
Quinn Semling: Notorious BIG - Dead Wrong
Anthony Villani: Daft Punk - Robot Rock
Random: LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations
Credits: Nina Simone - Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix)

Josh Shure: Air - Dead Bodies
Random 1: Les Savvy Fav - We Rock the Party
B.J. Gruitza: Les Savvy Fav - The Orchard
18 and under trip intro: Modest Mouse - BMX Crash
Random 2: Air - The Horror

Kevin Porter: Bauhaus - Dark Entries
trails section: descendents-hope
Credits: Lucero-Coming home

All trails section: Joy Division - Disorder
Unknown: Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
Unknown: At the Drive-In - Pickpocket
American Analog Set - Hard To Find
Turntable Rocker - Won't Forget
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Everybody Better

Keith Terra: ??
Sandy Carson: The Police - Message in a Bottle
Brennan Brown: Janis Joplin - Down on Me
Robbie Morales: Danzig - Am I Demon
Groundchuck: Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Brandon "Punjab" Pundaj: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Luc-E: the doors - roadhouse blues
Bobbie Fisher: Metallica - Damage,Inc.
Rick Moliterno: Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast

Paul Horan: The Statler Brothers - Flowers on the Wall
Bad Timing Section: Sebadoh - Beauty of the Ride
NYC Street Mix: Madvillain - Supervillain Theme
Matt Beringer's House: Frank Black and the Catholics - The Modern Age
Bone Deth (bonus): Benny Hill Theme Show / Motorhead - Murdershow

Intro: Slayer - Raining blood/Angel of Death
Cory Martinez: Boston - Peace of Mind
Mike Aitken: AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n Roll)
Ryan Jordan: Heart - Crazy on You
Ty Stuyvesant: Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
Shaun "Elf" Walters: Sparta - Cut Your Ribbon
Mike Schezny: Pixies - Cecelia Ann
Nate Wessel: snapcase - ...
Chris Doyle: Aerosmith - Kings and Queens
Brian Wizmerski: Bob Dylan - Hurricane
Credits: Frank Black - If It Takes All Night
Bonus Studio 334 Doyle Section: The Juliana Theory - Emotion is Dead
-also, the piano music on the DVD is some AFI song

Intro: RJD2 - Smoke and Mirrors
Biz: The Bangles - A Hazy Shade of Winter
Aaron Behnke: The Sea and Cake - An Echo In
Kevin Porter: Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made Of Sand
Chris Doyle: (intro) De La Soul - Keepin the Faith
Oasis - whats the story (morning glory)
DK Mix: Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way
Tyrone Williams: Lloyd Banks - If you so gangsta
Sergio Layos: Stereolab - Spark Plug
Chad Shackleford / Ian Schwartz: Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
16mm Montage: The Police - King of Pain
Bonus: The Shins - Saint Simon
The Who - I Can't Explain
Outro (16mm footage): The Shins - New Slang

Van Homan: Ryan Adams - To Be Young
Primo: The Faint - Agenda Suicide
Federal: Interpol - Roland
Josh Heino: At the Drive-In - Arc Arsenal
Brian Foster: Modest Mouse- Alone Down There
WeThePeople: ????
Lotek: ????? (PLEASE SOMEONE!!!!)

James Weahton: Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Thomas Caillard: Sex Pistols - Belson
Alex Dropsy: The Rolling stones - Paint it Black
Maxime Bonfil: Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Nicolas Combon: Gypsy King - Hotels are gay
Jerome Geuthier: AC/DC - Back in Black
V-Club Bmx
Ryan smith - riot
Dylan smith - The killers
Randy taylor - Los angeles california

Joe Cox: Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
Josh Bedford: Joy Division - Warsaw
Dan Cox: Mf Doom/Madvillain - All Caps
Friends: The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket
Liam Ernshaw: Mike Jones - You feel good don't ya
Tom Blyth: The Notwist - Consequence
Marv: IMP Batch - Gype riddim
Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat
Alex Riley/Wolvsey etc: Biggie - I got a story to tell
First Non-Rider Section: Bugsy Malone Soundtrack - So You Want to be a Boxer
Second Non-Rider Section: The Boy Least Likely to - I'm Glad I hitched My Apple Wagon to your Store
Photo montage: Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a seventeen year old girl

Intro: Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Mark Potoczny-is the best!: Radio Birdman - Murder City Nights
Josh Pekich: The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Greg Smee: The Pixies - The Holiday Song
Shane Auen: modey lemon - its hard
Friends: Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs
Credits: the white stripes - hotel yorba

Intro: Chiefmaster - Aussichtsreich
Timo Mrukwia: Twiggy Killers - Boring
Ashley Charles: Turbonegro - Rock Against Ass
Mix 1: The American Analog Set - Fool Around
Frank Lukas: Amtrack - Lowcash's aZGaR
Will Jackson: Hardcore Superstar - Still I'm Glad
Marcel Georgi: Jo Jo Bennet with Muddie's - Leaving Rome
Friends: Modest Mouse - Sunspots In The House Of The Late Scapegoat
Grimaldo: Fifteen - Helter Smelter
Travis Collier: Operation Makeout - Tune Out
Mix 2: Olli Schulz & Der Hund Marie - Unten mit dem King
Brian Terada: Fugazi - Cassavetes
Tobias Wicke: Jets to Brazil - Chinatown
Max Gaertig: The Fuck Implosion - SERGE
Josh Heino: Trio - Ja Ja Wo Gehts Lank Peter Pank Schonen Dank
Tobias Wicke: Jets to Brazil - Chinatown
Credits: Pixies - Hey
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